When stored on the blockchain, users can easily look up their own learning-related information and that is a manifestation of transparency.

Along with the economic background, education is the root of everything, the cause of most of the issues of a family, a community or a country. This is because education contributes to the formation of human dignity, the 'rule' of a family, and education also makes the stature of a nation. Countries with advanced education are also countries with developed economies and a civilized society.


However, the moral degradation in the school environment, most notably cheating in exams at many levels. In recent years has raised concerns not only about the quality of training, but also about ethics society, the dignity of future generations and the future of the country.


Negative phenomena in exams can be divided into the following groups: Using materials in the exam room, copying the work of the person sitting next to you, copying theses, projects, asking for scores, buying scores, taking exams for you, tutoring… The years were the 'white school test' in many high schools. Then comes the time when 'floating' is only considered as a 'primary' fraud compared to the era of technology such as smartphones, smart watches, multi-function handheld computers, etc. in recent years.


But anyway, the act of 'copying' is just a 'small trick'. On a larger scale, with a strong smell of 'money', trading and bartering is the final stage: grading, entering scores by adults. The peak was the sale and exchange of points in the national high school exam in 2018: 222 violated candidates were detected in 3 provinces of Son La, Hoa Binh and Ha Giang, out of a total of 925,000 candidates taking the exam. must be a large number, but depicts a painful social reality.


In 2020, the Prime Minister signed a decision approving the "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030", in which Education is one of the areas that need to be prioritized for digital transformation. First of all, because education is an area of ​​social impact that directly and daily concerns people. Digital transformation in the industry focuses on three main areas through: Teaching such as e-learning training, training through virtual reality; Educational management such as school management, property, information search...; Operating and managing an educational enterprise.


With the work of storing information and student learning history, the transparency and security of blockchain is completely appropriate. Transparency but coupled with security will create transparency and fairness in the educational environment. The information, achievements, mistakes, learning results will all be encrypted and stored on the blockchain. When stored on the blockchain, users can easily look up their own learning-related information and that is a manifestation of transparency. The fairness will be guaranteed when the data is put on the blockchain, no one can interfere and the situation of cheating, changing the score will not take place.


More than that, when applying blockchain, it will form a school record with all the information about a person's education from the time of receiving education until later. Synchronizing data into a series will be useful for management and classification for management agencies. This information will be confidential and transparent, if there is a change, it will be saved by Blockchain. From there, overcome the current status of cheating in education. At the same time, creating a digital academic record that follows a person's academic career and until the time of applying for a job, applying for a scholarship, employers and sponsors can check the applicant's academic information using Blockchain without worrying about unfair, non-transparent issues.