LATOI GROUP – Rapidly developing products to serve the Vietnamese community
Accompanying with the legal representative in Vietnam - BOM Software Joint Stock Company (BOM Software), LATOI Group has quickly researched and developed an ecosystem of technology products integrated with 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, etc. They are aimed to serve a wide range of users with the digital transformation that has been promoting innovation in all fields.

To witness an outstanding growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic in the logistics industry as import and export orders have been increasing, it realizes that there is a need to check and locate the route of goods and containers every day. BOM Software has officially launched the software called Tracking - Cargo to track and trace goods and containers. In fact, Tracking - Cargo contributes to promoting the digital transformation process in logistics when the technological investment of this industry has not efficiently encouraged business growth.


Taking advantage of advanced satellite navigation technology, Tracking - Cargo can both retrieve the real-time image and location of goods and containers on the journey and draw an exact route from the starting point to the ending one on the digital world map. Besides, detailed information about the time and activity related to the goods and containers are also extracted.

Track 4 cargo
Results obtained on Tracking - Cargo

The application of Tracking - Cargo software will help logistics service providers not only reduce the pressure on the Customer Service Department but also upgrade it in a 24/7 manner, which brings the differentiation and enhances the business value. In addition, Tracking - Cargo can actually satisfy requirements of visibility during the transportation process and help the senders, carriers, and the receivers feel secure about the goods and containers thanks to the ability to track and trace them anytime anywhere.


Moreover, to promote the digital transformation process in the spearhead economy - agriculture, BOM Software in cooperation with the Centre of Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) and the Center for Vietnam Integration of Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP) has officially launched the application named Green Doctor - a digital crop doctor to serve and build the community of farmers 4.0.


The Green Doctor application has been integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to have the feature extraction from photographic images for crop disease detection and diagnosis, helping farmers easily identify pests and diseases of crops at any stage. Beside that, Green Doctor directly connects farmers with agricultural experts from domestic and foreign agricultural centers, institutes and associations for the useful advice, which helps to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness. Green Doctor aims to be a helpful application that accompanies farmers everyday since constantly providing up-to-date agricultural information, knowledge and even weather portal.


Currently, Green Doctor is available for both IOS and Android platform. BOM Software said that this application is in the process of calling for investment to continue developing features such as blockchain traceability following the trend of clean agriculture.

Application of Agriculture Doctor - Green Doctor

Due to a team of experts with more than 15 years of working experience and international IT certificates from Australia and Canada, LATOI Group has continuously developed technology products to meet market needs.


Accompanying with startup business and digital transformation, BOM Software has successfully developed technology products to serve the community and two of them are the Web Editor - a website design tool, and the video meeting - an online meeting tool.


By designing a Startup Program with LATOI Group, BOM Software has been offering the community 500MB hosting and web editor for free. Even though users are not website designers, programmers, etc., they can still create their own websites if using the Web Editor tool with thousands of available templates.

Web Editor giao diện
Web Editor - web design tool

At the same time, the online meeting tool - video meeting is also being provided for free to serve the community with different and useful features such as screen, document and video, white board, and note sharing, public and private chatbox, poll maker, etc.

mockup-3-1024x817 video meeting

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