The incident of the Suez Canal blocked by the huge container ship - Ever Given, has caused an extremely severe impact on the logistics industry in not only Vietnam but all around the world. At the same time, this fact completely exposes the shortcomings in the customer sevice towards import and export businesses.


According to a recent report published by the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), there have been more than 1.300 logistics companies in the country, and 80% of them indicate that improving customer service must be the top priority. However, almost businesses have actually offered standard services, for example, freight transport, warehousing, freight forwarding, sorting, loading and unloading, packaging, storage management, etc. while other valuable services such as customer service have been maintained and expanded by only a few businesses.

Switchboards are busy for hours, or even days, which is constant source of worry to import and export businesses that express a deep concern about position and safety of their million dollar cargo. This situation even worsen during peak periods such as seasonal events (discounts, new product launches, Tet holidays, etc.) or specific events (adverse weather, technical problems, etc.).

The issue of available time is also a limitation causing many difficulties for businesses whose orders need to be delivered to countries with time difference compared to Vietnam. In fact, the switchboard operates a fixed work schedule,  from 07:00 a.m to 09:00 p.m, and it is automatically in a state of "rest" if there are any incoming calls outside the working hours.

The fact that more and more foreign businesses have been entering the Vietnamese market has also raised a considerable concern - language barriers. The almost only language currently used at the customer center is Vietnamese, which brings a lot of communication problems for foreign import and export businesses.Consequently, in order to be proactive in updating information, tracking the goods and checking the container route, manufacturing enterprises and import and export companies need to equip themselves with a tracing and tracking system to reduce the damaging impact from forwarders.

Currently, Tracking - Cargo (tracking-cargo.com) is one of the outstanding tracing and tracking tools applied the most advanced innovations in industry 4.0 technology. By giving just information about the type and number of the container, users can quickly locate the container on real time through real images, real routes on a digital map anytime and anywhere. Tracking - Cargo helps manufacturing businesses and import and export companies have no worry over the goods and containers, proactively capture schedule information and share with partners, readiness of cargo resources - workers when there is a schedule of departure and destination of the container.

Sign up to experience the service of tracing and tracking the goods schedule (container tracking, cargo tracking) via website: www.tracking-cargo.com or contact now for support.The technology is currently owned and distributed by B.O.M Software Joint Stock Company.



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